Dream Catcher DIY- Decorate Your Room The Dreamy Way

posted by Imtimenla Jamir October 24, 2017 0 comments

Always wanted a unique dream catcher? Something that would signify your personality? Well, dream catchers come in all sizes and designs, so you can absolutely make something on your own. Follow Kraftly’s Step by step Dream Catcher DIY and mix a dash of your creativity with it and have a unique piece altogether. Dream catchers are something that appeals to everyone as it instantly add vibrancy to your room. So, why buy or why wait, Make yours now!

Materials Required


Wooden rings, woollen thread, feather, decorative beads and a bird showpiece, glue, and scissor.

Step 1


You have to use two wooden rings in different sizes, a big one and a medium one. Take both the rings and paste the smaller ring beneath the bigger one using a strong glue. Since the rings are wooden it is advisable to use strong glue so that both the rings stay intact to each other. Taking the woollen thread tie its end at the joining point of both the rings. Then wrap the thread tightly around the rings. Make sure that you have enough woollen thread to cover the entire area of the ring. Also, leave sufficient length of the thread so that it can be utilised to make loops to hang the dream catcher where ever you want.

Step 2


Now, take normal thread and needle and the feather. Put one or two stitches in the feather and leave the remaining thread so that you can put decorative beads inside it. Take the beads and slide it inside the thread in layers. Put as many as you like, but keep it looking clean and decent.

Step 3


Make two or three such feathers attached to decorative beads. Use different colour feather each time and use different shapes of beads, this will give an outcome to the whole look. Once all the feather is completed take the thread with the needle attached to it and sew it together with the base one by one.

Step 4


Once the feathers are attached, take the bird showpiece and stitched it as well on top on the dream catcher. And there you go, your beautiful bohemian dream catcher is completed.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about it. And people, we’d love to hear your ideas as well!

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