DIY- Winter Crafts in Gloves

posted by Imtimenla Jamir October 30, 2017 0 comments

With winter so quickly passing and the cold weather already making its way out, you should remember that it is very important to take as good care of your hands like you always did during the winter. During the winter and/or periods of cold weather throughout the year, we recommend taking measures to keep your hands warm, especially if you suffer from certain conditions that tend to worsen when it’s cold outside, such as joint pain and arthritis. I have made several attempts to make cute winter gloves and some turned out quite nice, as these gloves are quick to make and go easy on the pocket It is such a peppy project, so follow along as we teach you to make gloves from your old pair and embellish them to your heart’s content.

Material required:


Old gloves, pearls, scissors, needle, thread, black marker.

Step 1:


Take a pair of your old gloves and cut out the entire finger portion till the thumb. You might feel bad cutting your gloves but trust me, by the end of this DIY you will have no regrets and will have a better prettier glove in replacement.

Step 2:


tTake a marker and mark a point 15-20 cms below the cut then placing your index finger below the mark, make a cut with the help of the scissor. This is for your thumb to squeeze through.

Step 3:


Then, take a needle, thread and the all the embellishments you want to use and stitch the embellishments at the top of the glove. Spread the embellishments across the glove or make designs out of it, depending on your taste.

There you go, the winter craft glove is complete and ready to warm your fragile hands. Make multiple of this for your friends or sisters in their favorite colors. Let us know how you like it in the comments section below.

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