DIY- Valentine Message

posted by Imtimenla Jamir February 13, 2017 0 comments

Are you done with your Valentine’s Day card shopping yet?
In Dilemma?
Why not go handwritten this year! After all nothing can beat a classic handwritten message. Never! If you want to do something extraordinary for your love then read along and create your own Valentine message, the one that will melt his/her heart!

Raw materials


Paper, glue stick, marker, wooden clip, sketch pen, paint, and brush

Step 1:


Take two wooden clips and apply a coat of white paint on the upper front side of it. Leave it for some time to dry.

Step 2:


Meanwhile, take a plain paper and cut 3 chits out of it. The size of the chit should be equivalent to the size of your wooden clip, so cut it accordingly.

Step 3:


Now that you have the chits, take two chits, join it together and draw the design of an envelope on it. The envelope should be outlined in such a way that half is drawn on one chit and another half on the second chits.
Using another chit, a little bigger in size, write the message you want to write on it. We’ve written ‘I love you’ as there cannot a better form of expression than saying I love you in the most cut way possible.

Step 4:


Then very carefully paste the envelope shaped chits on each head of the wooden clip. Make sure that when u close the clip, the chits should align together and look like one envelope.
Then, using a marker write any message you want on top of the clip. Go cheesy!

Step 5:


Take the final note where you have written I love you and fold it. Then using the glue stick it to the mouth of your wooden clip. Stick both ends of the paper to the inner surface of the clip in such a way that when you open the clip your message is visible.

There you go, your cute little valentine message is complete. Many multiple of these and scribble all the messages you ever want to express. Go all corny and handwritten this year, do something special.

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