DIY-Valentine Heart Pillow

posted by Imtimenla Jamir February 8, 2017 0 comments

Have you started your Valentine’s Day shopping yet? Gifting has become an integral part of the V-day celebration and people from all over the world must be crashing on stores and shopping websites to grab the best gift for their lovers. And we can’t blame them! But this Valentine goes a step further and create something on your own, for the essence of handcrafted items if far beyond all the bought jewels.

Materials Required:


Red and white cloth, glue, scissor, pencil and pillow.

Step 1:


Take the white cloth and draw a free size heart-shaped outline on it.

Step 2:


Draw a small spherical outline on both the red and the white cloth and cut it out neatly with the scissor. Make multiple pieces in the same shape, you need to make a lot of these small pieces as the more it will be the better your pillow will look.

Step 3:


After you have enough cloth in that shape, take the white cloth where you had previously drawn the outline of a heart. Start folding the red cloth in a conical shape and paste it on the inner surface of the heart, fill it up it. Then, fill the outer surface of the heart with the white color cloth. Ensure that both the inner and outer surface is packed with the conical shaped cloth, only then will it look nice.


Your Valentine pillow is complete that too without much effort and it looks so adorable. Express your love this Valentine handcrafted items as we will be doing few more Valentine related DIY over the next few days. By love, we don’t just mean with your partner but with your BFFs and family as well. Or why not show all the love on yourself! Let us know how you liked it in the comments section.

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