DIY- Preserve The Essence Of Spring In A Frame!

posted by Imtimenla Jamir March 27, 2017 0 comments

The season of daisies and butterflies, clear skies and peach blossoms is here, after months of dull winter air. But like everything else in life, this too shall pass. And how we’d end up longing for spring again, another year to wait. What if you can preserve its essence, like the nectar of flowers preserved in the form of perfumes. What if you make something that would stay with you, to cherish spring. Well, worry not! Follow our step by step DIY and you can recreate spring with your hands.

Materials reuired


Glass frame, butter paper, Flowers and heavy book.

Step 1


Firstly, take few leaves and flowers and put it between a folded butter paper. It is essential to use a butter paper to keep the colours of the flowers as it is. Then, slip that butter paper along with the flowers inside the pages of a thick notebook and press it hard. By doing so, you will get the desired shape. Leave the content like that for an hour or more.
It is always better if the flowers and leaves are fully dried up. In case you already have the dried ones, use it.

Step 2


After the stipulated time, take out the dried essentials. Then, take the frame and open the pins from it. Detach the back support of the from the main frame.

Step 3


Once you detach the frame, lay out the front glass part on the table and very neatly put the dried flowers and leaves inside the frame. The more dried your materials are the better it is.

Step 4


Finally, close the frame by placing another glass to cover it. Your transparent frame is completed and see how beautiful it looks.

See if you already have some dried flowers with you. And when you dry the flowers, try to preserve the actual colour of the flower by doing some home remedy. Use different shapes of leaves and different colours of flowers to add beauty to the setting.

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