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posted by Imtimenla Jamir December 29, 2016 0 comments

I was just cleaning the junk of Christmas parties while someone suggested for a New year’s party and I couldn’t help but agree with the idea of having a bash for the new opportunities and excitement that’s coming my way. And why not! Aren’t we all excited? So, I decided to change the whole theme for the New Year’s party, to keep it more vibrant and sassy and have a crazy funky party of our own. Since I will be taking multiple pictures will all my friends, to cherish the best moments of 2016 as we bid farewell to the old year in style. For that, I decided to make some quirky and fun DIY photo booth and props to make the most of all the moments. Follow this step-by-step DIY guide and by the end of it, you will have a photo booth of your own, which might look even better than mine.

Raw materials:

Old cardboard, glue, double duct tape, colored chart paper, cutter, scissor, stapler, pencil, few quick.

Step 1:


Take the old cardboard and cut it into a slightly rectangular shape. Also, cut out a larger portion from the inside, by the end of which, your cardboard should look like the set of a television.

Step 2:


Cut a small rectangular piece from the colored paper and as a dividing boundary draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the paper. Then, cut the paper in verticals with the help of a scissor.

Step 3:


Apply glue at the bottom space of the paper where you have drawn the horizontal line and then roll it. After you roll, spread the shredded paper in all directions, by the end of which it should like a flower.

Step 4:


Take another colored paper and draw the outline of 4-5 cupcakes of different sizes and cut it neatly with the help of a scissor. Give a small cut at the bottom flat part of each piece and then join it together making a curve out of it. Then, combine all the pieces and layer it one after the another, giving the appearance of a fully bloomed flower.

Step 5:


Make multiple pieces of both the decorative piece and paste it all over the cardboard and there you go, your very own photo booth, waiting for the pictures to be taken.

How did you guys like this DIY? Let us know in the comments below and also share your creative DIY ideas, so that we can share it in our next post.

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