DIY- Love Wish Mason Jar

posted by Imtimenla Jamir February 24, 2017 0 comments

We have shared multiple interesting DIY hacks in the past but today’s DIY is the cutest of them all. Fairy light can make anything seem so charming and wonderful and put an extra shimmer to any place. And we all know that mason jars are the most adorable thing there is, so when one combines both of these things together, we can definitely expect a burst of romanticism and a lot of compliments. All you need is a mason jar, fairy lights, and some decorative accessories. Get ready for spring with a dash of style!

Materials required


Mason jar, lights, color paper, paper coaster, wool, scissors, pen and glue

Step 1:


Take a colored paper and draw a heart shape outline on it. Cut it neatly with the help of a scissor. Keep the shape of your heart in accordance with the shape of the jar and coasters.

Step 2:


Take two fancy paper coaster and paste it on both sides of the jar. Apply glue generously on the coasters before pasting it on the jar, to make sure that it remains intact. Then, take both the heart shaped paper and paste it on top of the coaster in the jar.

Step 3:


Select a colorful woolen thread and circle it around the neck of the jar and tie the ends in a bow.

Step 4:


Finally, select your fairy light and put it inside the jar and connect it to a socket and you’re good to go.

Keep this fairy lights mason jar near your bed or on top of books on the floor to give a dim glow to your room. Decorate your room in the most gorgeous way this spring! Share your DIY hacks and let us know how you like it in the comments below.

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