DIY-How To Make Decorative Lighting Ball with Threads!

posted by Imtimenla Jamir March 15, 2017 0 comments

How often do you redecorate your home? Are you planning to do it this spring? If you are, then, this DIY might help you give a new look to your room or home. I have always loved thread ball lanterns and always wanted to try making it myself. Try with me the simple thread ball decorative steps.

Raw Materials


Ballon, scissors, glue, brush, and light colour crafted threads.

Step 1


Take a balloon and blow it in the size you want. I suggest that you keep the size in medium, as gigantic lights might not suit the setting. Take a long light coloured thread and tie one end of it around the mouth of the balloon and use the remaining thread to circle it around the balloon. Circle the thread randomly yet with a grip, so that doesn’t fall off. Use vibrant colour thread as it will effect the lighting and it can be used only not as a lighting element but even as home decor when the colour is kept bright.

Step 2


Once the thread and balloon work is done, take fevicol or white glue, whichever is suitable and pour ample amount of it in a bowl. Then add an equal amount of water to that bowl glue. After adding water, mix both the ingredients properly that it is integrated as one.
Then using a medium size paint brush apply the mixture generously on the balloon.

Step 3


After applying the glues, try to detach the balloon from the thread and then burst the balloon with the help of a needle. Take out the balloon gently and keep the spherical thread balls aside to dry. Drying might take few hours to dry, so till then, make more thread balls. It will look better if you club multi-coloured balls together.


And that’s a wrap! Your DIY thread balls are ready to lighten your home in few hours. It might look a little tedious but the result is worth all the effort. Let us know how yours came out and share your experience in the comments below.

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