DIY- Corn Peel Christmas Wreath

posted by Imtimenla Jamir December 20, 2016 0 comments

There is much joy in the essence of waiting for Christmas. All the excitement lies in the process of preparing for Christmas day, from heavy shopping for loved ones, deciding on a decoration theme to preparing a menu for the various guests you are going to invite over for meals together. I love Christmas for the food, the countless hours I spend together with friends around a bonfire, singing the night away with our favorite carols over good wine and barbecue. While Christmas is more than all the merry making and celebrations we can’t help but indulge ourselves completely in the warm festive season and thus, comes the headache of decorating your home in a new theme every year. The struggle is real when you celebrate Christmas every year and you want something new every December. While I make wreaths for decoration every year with pine and cone, this year I wanted to use something unusual and something that would be easily available. I came across this DIY which I wanted to share with you guys as well, as I had fun making it and was super simple and easy to make. So if you’re thinking of making something like me, follow the step-by-step and make yourself a corn peel wreath in no time.

Raw materials:

Cardboard, cutter, golden dust, red and white paint, scissors, brush, corn leaves, stapler and glue.

Step 1:


Take the cutter and carve out a circle from the cardboard and dispose of it. Your cardboard should look somewhat like a donut when done.

Step 2:


Now, take the corn leave and stick it to the cardboard by spreading it across the circle in layers, use glue to paste the corn leave on the paper and then staple it to tighten the grip. Make sure that you have enough corn leaves to cover the entire cardboard circle in two to three layers.

Step 3:


Apply white paint on the upper larger portion of the corn leaves followed by red on the remaining lower portion. Then, take the golden dust and make random strokes with the brush on top of the red paint. This will give a rustic look to your wreath. Give enough time for the paint to dry and by the end of it, you will have your own corn peel Christmas wreath.

Wasn’t it a piece of cake? Simplicity does pay off. You can add cones and other decorative ornaments to your corn wreath to make it look more interesting and adorn it to your door or wall with pride. Let me know in the comments section if you guys have any decoration ideas for Christmas.

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