DIY-Coffee Mug

posted by Imtimenla Jamir April 3, 2017 0 comments

Wouldn’t it fun if you had a customised coffee mug to wake up to every day? Well, literally speaking, you can, at least you can design one. I made one for myself the other day and it came out pretty cool, thought you’d love it as much. Follow our step-by-step coffee mug DIY and decide how your coffee mug should look like. After all, your favourite drink of the day!

Materials required


Coffee mugs, metallic pens, double tape stickers and stickers.

Step 1


Draw the outline of the alphabet ‘S’ in a piece of paper and cut it out neatly. Make sure that your ‘S’ is big enough to fit a medium size coffee mug. Take a mug and paste your ‘S’ with the help of a double sided tape. Do it as neatly as possible. Then take some stickers in different sizes and shapes and stick it around the ‘S’ sticker. Here we have used only 2 hearts but you can use as many as you want in your mug.

Step 2


Now, take the metallic pens, keep it in different colours and draw small dotted patterns around the stickers. Use as many colours as you desire and make your mug vibrant. Make polka dots, small floral patterns and leaves around all the stickers. But make it one sided and keep the other side of the mug plain, for a minimal and clean look.
Then, very gently remove the stickers from the mug. All the stickers should be removed. And its outline should be visible through the patterns you had drawn with the metallic pen.

Step 3


After the stickers have been removed, put the mug in the microwave and heat it for a minute. This will help keep permanence to your metallic marker drawings. Heating it will solve it. After one minute take the mug out and you’ll have your own self-designed coffee mug.

Let us know in the comments below how you like our latest DIY. Also, share your cool DIY ideas and hacks with us. Spread love and do move DIY’s!

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