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How to decorate your teenager’s bedroom

posted by Isha Rathee August 5, 2016 0 comments

At one point or another during our teenage years, we’ve all slammed our bedroom doors in the hopes of blocking out the outside world (read parents). At those times our bedroom would become so much more than just a place to sleep, it was a place of refuge where we could be completely ourselves.
This is one of the most important things to remember while decorating a teenager’s bedroom, another is that teenagers are at that point in life when they’re no longer children but not quite adults either. While not wanting the room of their childhood they might still be hesitant about letting the last vestiges of their childhood slip away. It is important to develop a balance between the two, a little bit of whimsy mixed with the more sober décor that marks an adult bedroom.
Teens today are well versed with style and they usually have very strong preferences and opinions when it comes to their bedroom. Read ahead to find out how to best provide a teen with a room that allows them to chill, study and sleep in a way that best compliments their style and personality.

White is a good base colour as it is bright and usually associated with sophistication. In case white seems a bit on the boring side to your teen, you can paint alternate walls in a pastel colour of his/her choice with accents of bright, vibrant colour. A wooden or parquet floor with a soft, plush rug usually complements both white and bright colour equally well and makes the room look cosier.

source: www.home-designing.org

source: www.home-designing.org

Alternatively, one wall of the room can be turned into an art wall, a graffiti wall or a wall with some cool textures. Wooden planks painted in bright colours instead of the natural wood look can be used. These will definitely up the coolness factor of the room. The wooden wall forms a great backdrop for your teen to hang pictures of him/herself with friends or anything else that he/she wants to be displayed as a way of expressing their individuality.

teenager bedroom2

Source: www.criticalcatus.com

Teenagers usually love things that are different and that would stand out among their friends. Install a hanging chair/bed or some really funky furniture for an extra fun feel.

Another great way to do something different is to come with a unique method of integrating storage for all those new clothes and old toys.
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While having fun with most of the room be sure to include a small corner with a calm and sober look that can be used as study area without any unnecessary distractions.

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