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How to curl or straighten your hair without heat

posted by Kavesh Khanna July 10, 2016 0 comments

The hairstyle is indeed the perfect way to flaunt your individual style and look absolutely fashion forward. There are numerous ways, you can transform your dull looking boring hair into stylish locks. But getting that perfect desired hairstyle can be quite a pain sometimes. We know that you aren’t happy with the natural texture of your hair. If you have silky straight hair you may be dreaming of those luscious curls and if your hair is curly, chances are you want to straighten them.

There are a lot of ways you can transform your hair texture but most of them require heating or using a harsh chemical. So, sweetie if you love your hair and you want them to stay healthy you must not experiment with them, right? Absolutely wrong, I mean there are some amazing ways in which you can curl or straighten your hair without using any harsh chemicals or overheating them. So let us tell you some easy ways in which you can achieve the desired texture from your hair.

Natural Curling

We know that you want those luscious locks of curly hair, but your hair is pretty straight and lifeless. Worry no more beautiful! You can curl your hair very easily without visiting any salon.


Before you start judging me, let me tell you that braiding your damp hair can give you some amazing waves that will stay all day long. Just Shampoo & condition your hair and after towel drying, start braiding your damp hair into small pigtails, let It dry overnight and uf yum aah! Your next morning will be full of wavy and textured hair

Braiding to curl

Source | Wikihow


Rollers are easily available and are one of the best tools to get perfect curls. Just roll your locks into the rollers and secure them with a pin and let them dry overnight. These curls can last you for 2-3 days if you do not wash them.

curling rollers

Source | Hairfinder


Unlike braiding, twisting your hair in small buns can give you carefree and messy curls, which will add a dimension of style to your otherwise boring straight hair.

Source| Pinterest

Source| Pinterest

Natural Straightening

Now, as we told you already that you can straighten (well, somewhat) your hair without using heat. Let us tell you how to straighten you hair without using any harsh chemical or straightening iron.

Brush Well until it dries

Who knew brushing your hair can give your hair a style hug. Well, let me tell you that if you brush your wet hair constantly you can achieve straight and frizz free hair, all day long. Just use a bit of serum after you are done drying your hair.

Source|Real simple

Source| Real simple

Blow drying with cool air

Just put your hair dryer’s setting into cool and voila! You have a head of silky straight hair, off course a roller brush will be your ammo but using this simple technique of hair drying you can get some really amazing strands of straight hair.

source | cam models

Source | Cam models charleston

Using a natural hair straightener mask

Mix whole milk or coconut milk with 1 tbsp of honey and let it soak into your hair and scalp for one hour before washing out. Add a few drops of essential oils like argon or sweet almond oil and your hair will be frizz-free throughout the day.

Source | Nail the deal

Source | Nail the deal

So ladies, now you have a lot of reasons to love your locks. So stop complaining or spending a ton of cash in salons, just follow these quick tips and get the hair of your dream

hasta, la vista baby!

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