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Carry Your World In Style With Tote Bags

posted by kraftly March 7, 2016 0 comments
tote bags

We carry our world in our bags (or we wish we could!) – we’re sure the checklist you carry around is a long one. Whether it’s going to work, college, or a day out with your friends, you’d want your lipsticks, kajal, personal mirror, a small water bottle, your wallet, earphones, current read and plenty of more knick-knacks that only you know about within your reach. But how could you possibly fit all these items into a small purse?

Lucky for us, the 90’s tote bags trend is back in style right now! These large, open handbags with simple and classic handles on the sides are the perfect way to carry a number of items at one time. With these simple style tips, you can combine the comfort of carrying your world around with and being a trendsetter anywhere you go!


Add an element of colour with this pretty tote bag to stand out from the crowd. It will also enhance your look with its vibrant and colourful touch.

Style Tip – Whip out a pretty scarf and a pair of chic sunglasses for a casual yet classic look.

women tote bags 1

Indie Chic

We know how annoying it is to carry a clutch with ethnic wear, because you can’t fit your handbag essentials in it. This embroidered tote will help you add a quintessential charm to your ethnic outfits.

Style Tip – Embrace the crop-top and long skirt trend when you carry this bag, punctuating it with some junk jewellery to complete the bohemian-inspired look.

women tote bags 2

Formal Affair

A good formal tote is a must-have for every woman. This will look equally beautiful with casual attire and a formal ensemble. How’s that for versatility?

women tote bags 3

Hey, Auto!

Use this tote bag to add a quirky twist to your college or casual look. Find a print that’s an expression of your quirky side and make the most of the ‘Pop Art’ trend by adding a personal touch with this bag. And who doesn’t love an auto ride?

women tote bags 4

Go GreeNerds!

What makes fashion great is that you can use it to support causes important to you. Carry an eco-friendly message without compromising on style with this tote bag. You don’t have to wear green to carry this one!

Style Tip – When you’re wearing bold prints and bright colours, tone down your overall look with a neutral bag like this one that looks great with most outfits.

women tote bags 5

All-Weather Ready!

We don’t want your precious items to get wet in the rain, now that would be a nightmare! A silicone bag can help keep all your valuables safe and secure in the pouring rains, and a sweet print like the one on this bag will elevate the style quotient, especially when you’re wearing solid colours.

Style Tip – Bags with busy prints are best carried with minimal accessories to help balance your look.

women tote bags 6

Neutral Perfection

A neutral bag like this one compliments almost every colour and look that you can choose to wear – this can be a valuable addition to your closet when you’re in a hurry and have no time to spend matching a tote to your outfit.

women tote bags 7

Black Beauty

A classic black tote is a basic that every girl needs in her wardrobe. When you’re having second thoughts on your bag-for-the-day, just pick this one – it will never let you down!

women tote bags 8


Carry a solid-colour handbag when you’re wearing vibrant dresses. And when you’ve taken on a simple, monochromatic, and modest look for the evening, break the monotony where it matters most – go for a lively tote that can pop your overall look instantly.

Tote bags are by far the most perfect accessory to add that extra style to your look, so choose accordingly and don’t forget to experiment till you get it right!

Looking for more styles in tote bags for a unique look? Look no further!

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