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Read This Before Buying Clothes For the Gym

posted by kraftly March 30, 2016 0 comments
buying clothes for gym

Working out in the gym or in the outdoors (whichever one you prefer) is definitely one of the most essential elements of our daily routines. After all, without a good exercise session to get the body going, we might end up being bored and dull for the rest of the day.

But like the old saying goes – No Pain No Gain – a work-out is never complete unless you’re satisfied with it, and how will you be satisfied if you’re exercising in irritating clothes? Yes, a good exercise routine requires dedication and passion, but coming down to the materialistic parts of a workout, we need to make a few smart choices in the kind of clothing we pick so that we can focus on the right things during a workout.

How Should You Pick The Right Exercise Gear?

There is only one rule to dressing for a work-out at the gym – your clothes have to be comfortable for you to be able to exercise in them. Your clothes should be such that your body can breathe – if they are too tight, they will restrict your movements to a certain extent and getting that complete 360 degree workout will not be possible for you. Keep your clothes simple, and your head on the work-out.

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So don’t waste your time trying to see what looks good and suits you – if you feel good in it, that’s more than enough to ask for from your gym apparel. These are the only points you’ll ever need to pick out the right clothes for your work out, so follow them very closely.


It doesn’t matter what your gym t-shirt says (that doesn’t mean that it should say something absurd!). As long as it fits you well and you feel good in it, you’re good to go. Avoid rough fabrics that can irritate your skin during repetitive movements.

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Movement And Stretch

Thick t-shirts that are body-hugging are not recommended for working-out – they will restrict your movement and come in the way each time you’re going for another rep. When you do the stretching exercises before, during or after your workout, tight clothes will become a constant irritation as you try to get the most out of your body.

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Cotton is by far the most easygoing material on the body when you’re exercising. It’s soft, never itchy and lets your skin breath as you perspire during your workout. But remember, if you sweat too much, the perspiration will weigh your clothes down and make them cling onto you. In this case, you should wear blended materials that are meant to be used for heavy exercising.

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