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9 Types of Decorative Lamps you should shop this Diwali!

posted by Ishita Kapoor October 17, 2017 0 comments

There is nothing more beautiful than a well-lit home because bright light rules your mood, blends style to your home and give you a positive vibe. And since everyone is in Diwali mode, shopping for Diwali Lamps and Lights is on our minds.

Lighting might be the most underrated element of your home design but picking a perfect light is really important for your home decor. And after you are done with selecting your light, you also need to consider an ideal place to fix that light. Put together beautiful interior with glamorous lights, and you get a good-looking home in return!

While chandeliers light up the decor of a room, even decorative lamps are a good option. They add up vision to the decor. Imagine your room being caught up by complete darkness and that one table lamp with red, pink or subtle yellow lighting. Doesn’t it look like the night got brighter? Emotion, mood, atmosphere, direction and all the positive energy in not just a single direction but the whole room! Check out the beautiful decorative lamps that can pep up your room this Diwali.

Caution: These are distractingly stunning!

1. Coffee Table Kettle Lamp-

Give yourself a coffee treat with this Kettle Lamp. The lamp is less about function and more about style and mood. Shop here.

2. Concrete Lamp-

Adding a playful, industrial note to your room, let this lamp light up your room. So alluring! Resisting is not an option. Shop here.

3. Robot USB Charging Lamp-

Add a distinct punch to your home decor with this Robot USB Charging Lamp. This geeky robot lamp comes with a USB charging port, for all of your gadgets in one go. Shop here.

4. The Mind Glowing Lamp-

Put no hurdles while you are experimenting with your Home Decor. Get this Mind Glowing Lamp. Shop here.

5. 3D Balloon Lamp-

Give your room a new look for less with this Innovative 3D Balloon Lamp. Shop here.

6. Creative Bottle Lamp-

For a warmer ambience, let these Bottle Lamps be spread across the room. Shop here.

7. Hanging Shade Lamp-

There’s no better way to light up your home than these Hanging Shade Lamp. This is an eternal charmer. Shop here.

8. Poppadumart Kettle Lamp-

How about being all artsy with your lamps? We bet it is going to be incredibly delightful! Shop here.

9. Cool Spider Lamp-

There’d be no more fishing for compliments. They’d pour in any way when you get home this Cool Spider Lamp. Shop here.

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