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7 Interesting WhatsApp Picture Messages to Forward this Diwali

posted by Komal Khanna October 5, 2017 1 Comment
funny Diwali wishes

“May the festival of lights brings peace, joy and prosperity in your life”  or “Let’s celebrate light over darkness & good over evil”.

Phew! I am so damn tired of these typical Diwali Wishes flooding my inbox every year. I call such messages “Diwali’s heredity” and make sure that I do not forward them further in case they somehow manage to land in my inbox. Simply because I don’t want to sound boring and I love my pals too much to piss them off with such tedious wishes on occasion like Diwali.

Just to cut the usual crap and add some wit & charm to the festive wishes, we have curated 7 interesting illustrative Diwali messages which you can forward to your friends and family (Without sounding monotonous):-

funny message

Forward it to a friend who loves you but gets jealous at times 😉


just diwali things

Forward it to a friend who thinks “ain’t nobody like him” 😛


shaadi ki padi hai bus

Forward it to a friend whose sole purpose in life is to “get hitched” 😉


bhai behen things

This shall be forwarded to all your cousins 😀


patakhe chie bass

Forward it to a crackers-freak friend. 😛


chalo pooja path me lagjao

Forward it to a friend who thinks  performing “Lakshmi Puja” will bless him with loads of money;)


cute ganesha

Well, this deserves to be forwarded to your entire contact list. 😀


So let’s start accumulating some fun Diwali Messages now!


1 Comment

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