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5 Styles not to wear this Fall/Winter!

posted by Ishita Kapoor November 6, 2017 0 comments

Who doesn’t love some warmth with Hot & Happening Styles when it’s cold outside? We all love it, right?

And guess what? Winter’s worst wardrobe offence is lugging around those old-fashioned trends.

While summer melts into Winter, our excitement reaches the peak to dress you up. For those of you thinking you’ll have to give up on cute and fashionable styles for the Winter. Well, that’s not the case. With the new season comes a ton of opportunities to wear your favourite straight-from-the-runway styles.

So, take a look at Styles you’ll have to give up on this Winter because they’re never coming back and plan a fresh new wardrobe.

1. Step down with the Off Shoulders & Cold Shoulders:

Off Shoulders & Cold Shoulders were easily one of our favourite trends of the year. We welcomed them with open arms but now it’s time to let them go! Also, you don’t have to struggle for choosing the right bra so it doesn’t peek out.

2. Score high when you leave the Choker:

Will you or won’t you carry the Chokers which have been trending for so long? We say don’t! Let them retire in peace. Do a different take on Trending fashion with something new. Look for a transitional staple that can be a New Major Hit!

3. Don’t let your eyes go on Distressed Holes Tees:

While the distressed denim jeans are still on trend but not the tees. Time now that you invest in a more functional and eye-popping style that won’t even let you feel the chill.

4. Ditch the White Sneakers right away:

The White Sneakers might be what people are still carrying but we’re tired of seeing them everywhere. Aren’t you?
And well, we’re searching for sneakers that are a little offbeat & also help you run a mile in sporty style.

5. Don’t reconsider the Slit dress:

What do we want to take out from your Fall wardrobe? Slit Dresses because they’re no more in trend! Let the New Season come with something more bold and fun.

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