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5 Small eCommerce Business Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

posted by Arpit Agarwal September 2, 2020 0 comments

We can’t possibly put enough emphasis on the importance of setting up an eCommerce business during these pandemic times. The entrepreneurial environment is going through a big-time change, and so are the business trends around us. For instance, remember how people used to be more inclined towards getting a full-time, stable, salaried job, just a decade ago? And today, the youth has adapted as per the fluctuating scenario and they’re willing to take the risk to grow personally and professionally.

In a very similar manner, you could be a selling designer apparels in an offline retail environment, before COVID-19 struck the world. However, this novel disease has restricted our movement and given a massive boost to the online way of business. And if you’re confused but eager to start your own eCommerce business, we’re here to help you with some trending business ideas of the COVID-19 times. Keep reading to find out more!

  1. Health and Beauty Products

In a recent Unlock Report released by Shiprocket, health and beauty retail was the product category that got the maximum traction after the upliftment of the lockdown. This report suggested one of the key business trends – the products related to health and beauty retail were shipped the most post-Unlock 1.0. This implies that the demand for products related to health and beauty is being demanded by the consumer in the market. So obviously, it would make sense if you started an online business hosting an exciting catalogue of skincare products and started delivering the same to your customers with the help of an efficient 3PL platform.

Speaking on small business trends – why don’t you create your free online store with Shiprocket Social and start providing your customers with an unforgettable shopping experience?

  • Fashion Apparels

In the same Unlock Report released by Shiprocket, fashion apparels got the second position on the list of most popular product categories post-Unlock 1.0. And honestly, we’re not surprised that fashion bagged the second spot on this list. We’re living in a world of material consumerism, where physical appearances matter. Imagine if you’d be selling pretty clothes during these pandemic times!

The need of the hour for you as an offline seller is to bring your business online. And if you don’t have a business already and are looking for future business trends 2020 to start your own venture, we suggest that you consider opening an online fashion clothing store for your audience.

Because setting up an online business is very easy. Believe us – we’re offering you the easiest possible way to build a website. The real choice is for you to make – fashion or health & beauty retail? Which one do you want to pick out of the two?

  • Electronic, Automobiles and Accessories

Taking cues from the Unlock Report recently released by Shiprocket, the press release said that electronics and tech-related products are quite popular among the people, even during the pandemic. 18% of shipments in the report were pertaining to the electronics and automobile items. So, what do you think? Should you also be taking a cue from one of these business trends and creating a free website right now to start selling some of the most demanded products in the market?

  • Online Groceries and Food

And yes, we’re still following up with the Unlock report released by Shiprocket very recently on the next most popular product category of the year. The report clearly states that the demand for essential products surged post-Unlock 1.0. In fact, Shiprocket saw an increase in the shipment volume of essential products by nearly 3X post-lockdown as compared to the lockdown times. Isn’t that interesting? Doesn’t that show you that the demand for online grocery and food shopping has shot up due to the COVID-19?

Well, we think that you should act on this piece of information, ASAP and avail trusted hyperlocal delivery services for the delivery of such essential products. Because clearly, the grocery and food market seems to be pandemic-proof.

  • Face Masks and Sanitary Ware

And of course! Who can forget the product categories of the year? The face masks and sanitizers have been dominating the market since the beginning of 2020 when the novel coronavirus commenced exhibiting its force on us. Since then, it has been a whirlwind of face masks being attached to our faces every time we go out of the house and sanitizers glued to our bags, waiting to pop out for a few squishes and sprays any time someone or something suspicious gets in our contact.

So yes, if you’re charging up with the spirit of entrepreneurship, we suggest that you start an online business of delivering face masks and sanitizers to your customers with the help of experienced delivery partners.

The above-mentioned list of eCommerce business trends in 2020 might help you figure out what kind of business to launch in the coming months. However, this is the final takeaway that we recommend you keep in mind – Online is the new offline. And to get your business into the world of eCommerce, you need to be street-smart about things, build your own fully-functional website for free and get started with delivering things at your customers’ doorsteps.

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