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15 Types Of Tops Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

posted by Imtimenla Jamir March 7, 2017 0 comments

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but it ain’t a crime if one can enhance her looks. After all, we are all striving towards perfection and self-love more than ever. Let me also point out how important knowing your body shape it! You might wanna know it before you go shopping, in order to save yourself a lof of unwanted purchases.

How many types of tops do you know? They have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to tops for women, one that looks blunt of someone else might look better on you depending on your features. So, Choose the right style of women’s tops to accentuate your positives and draw attention away from less flattering areas. There are different types of tops out there waiting for you! Read along and you can buy these tops online at Kraftly

1. Empire Top

Empire top or the baby doll tops give the illusion of an hourglass. It has a cage that hugs the ribs and extends to a flared at the bottom, thus covering the unwanted bulge around the waist. Best worn when teamed a pair of skinny jeans.

2. Tunics

Tunic tops

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Tunics are a loose fitted top that falls to the hip and has the cut of an Indian Kurti. Tunic tops can be worn as both casual and formal wear depending on the fabric, like cotton and viscose tunics can be worn as casuals while georgette tunics are for formal occasions. Wear it with slim fitted, regular or flared denim to flatter your looks. One can even wear it with skirts.

3. Ruffled Top

Ruffles are all that’s in this season. As the name suggest these tops have ruffles mostly on the front and arm. But going by the current trend, designer have been experimenting with ruffle everywhere and it doesn’t look bad. Ruffles have a certain charm of stylish and elegance in it. Ruffles are here to stay, grab yours already!

4. Peplum Top

Ladies tops with flared around the stomach line which helps conceal the bulge. Peplum tops are a rescue to every apple and pear shaped body and look ideal in an hour glass. Wear it on a lunch date or a Friday night on the dance floor. Peplums look stunning with pencil skirts and straight pants.

5. Off-Shoulder Top

Like ruffles, Off-shoulder tops have taken the fashion world by storm and remains the current trend of the season. If it’s not off-shoulder it’s not fashionable. You can wear this top with straight and flared jeans like style influencers do, or team it with sort and skirt for summers.

6. Cross Over Top/Wrap Top

The top offers a comfortable wrap in the front displaying a stylish elegant look. cross over tops looks amazing on tall girls with a well-balanced shoulder. Wear it with a long plain skirt or a tiered skirt or with flared pants and heels.

7. Blouses


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With age, everyone wants to dress comfortably, making blouses the most sought after tops among aged women. It is the most comfortable feminine wear having inspired from gents shirt. Blouses generally come with collars and the most versatile as well.

8. Belted Top

Belted tops are the talk of the town with top designers and fashionista’s all over the world are taking this style on, from the runway to the streets. Belted top is exactly what the name suggest, it has a belt alike element around below the bustline. Belts can be of the same fabric as the top or something else. These tops can be used as formal wear with nice straight or flared pants, as it gives a chic look.

9. Tank Top

Tank tops come with thin stripes of straps and are every woman’s summer wardrobe essential. These straps might be wide or narrow with ruffles or thin ribbons. While it might be perfect for the hot weather, it goes amazingly well when layered with sweaters and jackets during winter.

10. Cropped Top

crop top

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Another top that every woman is crushing on for a few seasons now is a crop top. If you have a well-toned body then nothing can beat a crop top to compliment you. time It is loved by young and old alike and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime now. Pair it with skirts to jeans to short or even wear it on top of a dress, there are nothing crop tops doesn’t look great with.

11. Peasant Top

Peasant tops are timeless with a vintage look. They are cool, comfortable and has colours around it, normally embroidery with beautiful designs. Peasant tops have been making rounds since last two seasons and whether it’s in vogue or not, these are must-have for any wardrobe.

12. Tube Top

Tube tops more like spaghettis but comes with straps and hugs the body tightly. Fa2>ncy tank tops can be worn as it is with nice pants or skirt for parties and can also be layered with jackets and sweaters. It gives definite shape to the body, so flaunt it if you have toned body.

13. Kaftan Top

Kaftans are comfortable top worn normally with leggings, jeggings and slim fitted denim. Kaftan tops may differ in length and can easily cover extra flesh and bulge around the waistline, as it’s loose and flowy. You can wear it on top on swimsuits as beachwear during summers.

14. Tie-Front top

Tie-front tops have a knot tied at the front, giving a distinct shape to the top. These stylish women’s tops are generally worn loosely and comfortable to carry. Substitute your jeans with shorts for this top.

15. Halter Top

Halter tops normally tied around the neck and are best for evening and party wear, as it highlights your slim shoulder and toned arms. Wear it with wide flared pants and flowy tiered skirt for a brilliant outcome.

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