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15 Beautiful Neck Designs of Salwar Suits for Daily Wear

posted by Imtimenla Jamir July 12, 2017 0 comments
Images of Suits Neck Designs

Salwar suits are every woman’s favourite. From daily wear to wedding parties women tend to carry salwar suits of every design. You can’t blame them either because the salwar suit comes in so many varieties that you can’t help but fell in love with them. From young to old modern to traditional, salwar kameez is the most suitable ethnic wear anyone can think about. And if you want to take your ethnic game to another level you can find go for designer salwar suits. It is as elegant as the saree or lehenga, but with an added advantage to move with ease like a trouser or jeans. If you want to shop varieties and to look for options to find salwar suits for a wedding or Pakistani salwar suit, then kraftly can be that one stop destination for you, providing quality products at reasonable pricing.

The most important feature in a salwar suit is its neckline design. Neck designs make all the difference and can transform the whole look tremendously or disastrously because choosing the right neckline can tricky too. If you’re someone who knows your body type and knows which neckline suits you, then half of your time is saved, but if you’re someone who is unsure and need help in understanding about the neckline designs of salwar suits, then you should read this article. Clearing all the dilemmas and confusions, I have rounded 15 beautiful neck designs of salwar suits for daily use. Hope it will be helpful. Happy reading!

1. Boat Neckline Salwar Suit

Just like a boat or bateau, the full neck shape hangs by the shoulder, owing it to the frame shape of a boat. If you want to flaunt your collar bones, this is the neckline you should be wearing. Avoid this neckline if you have a broad shoulder and short neck, but it is suitable if you have small bustline as it enhances the shoulder and bust area.

2. Round Neckline Salwar Suit

The most basic and widely worn neck pattern for every clothing is round necklines. No doubt even with salwar neck design this is the most common and the best part is, this neckline looks good on everyone irrespective of body shape. Best suited for casual wear, try the contrasting piping, embroidered or the laces and frills necklines.

3. V-Neckline Salwar Suit

V-necklines are classics and have an aura of seductiveness. One can either wear it in a conventional way simple-close-to-neck shape on in deep plunge. It is equally loved and worn by both college students and office goers as one looks slimmer with longer necks. And so, it is ideal for those who worry about a round/square face, short stubby neck and those extra pounds.

4. U-Neckline Salwar Suit

Like the alphabet U, the U-neckline has a medium plunge and is widely worn by women all over, not just in salwar suits. Like round neckline pattern, the U-neckline can be a moderate or low plunge. It is suitable for every body type, apparently making it one of the favourite neckline design.

5. Collar Neckline Salwar Suit

This kind of salwar suits have collars attached to its neckline, inspired by regular shirts. It is the minimalism that attracts me towards this neckline, utterly simple yet sophisticated. Try adding embellishment or embroidery around the collar to make it stylish and stand out.

6. Square Neckline Salwar Suit

Apt to its name square neckline is basic yet highly sought after. Especially by those who have a narrow shoulder and small neck. However, if you have a square face try to avoid this neckline- Otherwise, it can give you a cramped look. This salwar neck pattern is best suited for pear shaped bodies.

7. Mandarin Collar Neckline Salwar Suit

Mandarin collar necklines are the closest match to a collar neckline of salwar suit. A closed neckline, mandarin collars need no accessories to complete the look. You can wear it with a palazzo or even a pencil pant. It goes well with a dupatta, giving an effortlessly classic look.

8. Asymmetrical Neckline Salwar Suit

Creating a fusion of the straight and symmetric neckline, asymmetric neckline gives the impression of the traditional kimono’s neckline pattern. It is also one of the hottest trends to follow. With its unique one side collar look, zari and printed design, this neckline gels wonderfully with most body structures.

9.Scoop Neckline Salwar Suit

Scoop neckline in a salwar suit is similar to a U-neckline, but wider and deer plunged. Women with a small bust and narrow shoulders should wear scoop neckline pattern as it enhances the whole body structure, making them look sensuous. Avoid wearing it if you have a small skinny face. Accessorise the scoop neckline to complete the entire ethnic look.

10. Cape Style Neckline Salwar Suit

Cape style neckline inmates the aura of royalty for its elegance and classy look. Though it might not be as favourable during summers as it gives the feeling of a layered look, it will be the perfect outfit come the colder season. Wear it with a pajami style outfit to turn heads.

11. Sweetheart Neckline Salwar Suit


Sweetheart neckline accentuates your bust with a shape that resembles the top half of a heart. The sweetheart necklines are usually wider and start close to the underarms, giving a bit revealing look. Sweetheart necklines for salwar suits are often used in combination with a collar or sheer material.

12. Keyhole Neckline Kurta

The key-hole neckline is where the diagonal lines coverage in the neck front below the collar bone to form a keyhole. It works as party wear or on occasions given that it looks fashionable and trendy. Try to put embroidery and embellishment around the neckline to stay in the limelight.

13. Closed Neckline Salwar Suit

The closed neckline is the common neck trend that’s been in trend for some time now. This neckline rises to the mid neck and gives a very sophisticated elegant look. If you have a small to medium closed neckline is idle. Select something that has heavy embroidery or zari work around its neckline to attract attention.

14. Spaghetti Neckline Salwar Suit

Fashion cannot outgrow the spaghetti look; it is eternal. It can be quite tricky carrying this neckline as one might end up looking clumpy. But you will look fabulous in neckline salwar suit. Wear a dupatta or accessorise it and you’re ready to go.

15. Wrap and Tie Neckline Salwar Suit

Giving a towel wrap look is the wrap and tie neck pattern that you should definitely try this season. You can completely avoid the dupatta with this neck design. Make sure the length of ties are not too long, otherwise they will spoil the look. Let the knot tying lie diagonally on the side rather than the centre.

Did this article serve the purpose? Do you know some more neckline designs that I should also know about? Leave your feedback and questions in the comments section, anything that you want to say. If you like this article, then you might also like the article which I wrote some time back on best ways to style kurtis with different types of bottom wear.

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