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10 Wooden Home Decor Ideas to Restore The Old World Charm

posted by Imtimenla Jamir January 24, 2017 0 comments

Home decoration is effectively and arguably, entirely a matter of how one perceives a particular item to be capable of illuminating any corner of a living space. Home decoration can peek with seemingly any object or item of decoration but one certainly needs a typical taste and interest to be able to get it right. Besides, being able to decorate and refurbish your home, demands a sense of attention and understanding of the tone and suitability of an item at a particular place. Kraftly brings to you a selective list of furnishings and great interiors decoration products that can add just the right jazz to your home surroundings. These items have been selected with due consideration and you will find items, only below the range of 5000 INR in this selection.

1. Vintage Wooden and Brass Gramophone showpiece:

Every music lover will find this vintage style piece of decoration absolutely charming and appealing to place in his living room. With all new music instruments in the scenario today, this vintage gramophone appears nothing less than strikingly charming. The antique look gramophone is made on a wooden base of exclusive Sheesham wood. The ample 9-inch height gives enough limelight to this unique item. Can be placed at any corner of the living room for a striking charm. The gramophone is complete with all parts and handmade style decorative shelves. This showpiece comes in a shade of brown.

2. Glossy Hand Painted Table Lamp:

This wooden lamp is the perfect addition to your indoors as it has the best appeal to your taste of home decoration. You can place this lamp at any corner of the room and expect to get ample illumination for a light evening mood. Perfect as a night lamp too, this hand painted lamp adds the perfect sense of appeal to your living spaces. The minimal light brightens the ambiance in the most alluring manner.

3. Digital Print Buddha Face and Flower Borders Painting:

The image of Lord Buddha is considered by many to be the most serene and charming presence at their home. This painting aims to beautify your home with an enrapturing view and appeal. The canvas is made with authentic materials and the painting is an authentic digital print work. Vibrant colors and striking clarity aim to catch the attention of the onlooker and casts a spell of enchantment in mere seconds. Textured artwork and synthetic wood are the substances of this painting.

4. Attractive Cross wood coffee table in Sheesham wood:

Make your home interiors look more appealing with this set of Sheesham made coffee table. Designed to accommodate convenience and grace in one go, this coffee table is the ultimate respite from a shortage of space. On a flat surface, you can keep any stuff you like and with a single partition at the center, you can place two stools on either side that come with the table. A soft and comfortable cushion on top assists in seating. The table has a walnut brown shade to it and looks very charming.

5. Handcrafted Jazzy Wooden Mask:

This is one piece you should be owning as it is unique and will easily blend easily with other wall decors. It is delicately hand carved and painted by Rajasthani artisans. The mask is the symbol of a balanced handcrafted art and has been made to stand the test of time and will look amazing even if this is the only piece adorning your wall.

6. Hand painted Wooden Wall clock:

Clocks are certainly an essential component of every interior. However, if you can just add the right style and jazz to your clocks, wouldn’t it make you feel confident about your interiors? This wall clock is just the perfect combination of style and design, with its attractive and unique design. It has a tribal charm at the bottom, carved in metal and handpainted. Real colors of golden add the perfect streak of authenticity to the design of the wall clock. Besides, the clock itself is engineered to stay durable for a long time.

7. Wood and Iron made bookshelf cum end table:

Are you fond of reading? You should definitely place this book shelf in your house for a real and authentic feel. Made of sturdy iron, this bookshelf has a wooden base and top, with a middle parting in wood as well. The iron clad stands are designed to withstand the weight of the books and remain intact for a long period of time. It is in fact influenced by the ethnic art style and it practically caters to your home needs by keeping your books organized.

8. Antique wooden phone:

If you are a keeper of antique finish items, this wooden telephone will prove to be just the perfect addition to your collection. Designed on a sturdy base of rosewood, this telephone is beautifully crafted with brass ends and realistic equipment. Floral patterns adorn the frontal side of the phone and its unique shape and design lend the perfect elegance to this antique item. Can be placed on a flat surface for an enhanced look.

9. Acacia Quad Tea light candle holder:

Candles spread light and gleam of brightness wherever they are lit and this is what this tea light holder does with its antique look and smooth design. There are four spots for placing tea lights on this wooden finished holder. The rustic yet appealing charm that emanates from this holder is mostly inexpressible in words but felt immensely by its beauty when lit with candles. Can be placed on a flat surface for an enhanced look.

10. Wooden Photo Frame:

Photo frames are nostalgic and the best thing to remind you of the blessings in your life, through the memories of multiple pictures. In this wooden photo frame, you can actually put up a chain of pictures, events, and people that matter most to you. You can put your childhood memories or your family tree or your wedding memories or your first born pictures, relating one picture to the other. Adorn this frame on your wall with full of cherished moments.

You can decorate your home with these selective items for an appealing charm and vibe. Most of these items are handpicked and extremely unique, something that you will hardly find in the markets. Bring home these attractive items and charm your guest with your unique taste and exquisite taste in decorating your home.

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