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8 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts!

posted by Ishita Kapoor February 3, 2017 0 comments

All you need is LOVE…And some creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas! What do you say?

Yeah! You are still on time for the Sexy Valentine. And while you were just done scratching your head for the New Year Gifts, Valentine’s Day just popped in. Some of you might still be planning to gift a box of chocolates, but for the rest of us, it’s time to boost this Valentine’s Day with some unique gifts.

Maybe your boyfriend has planned something romantic, he might also have a lot of expectations from you. Time now that you make a move and plan something thoughtful too! We have Valentine’s Day Gifts for Girlfriend/Wife, Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend/husband and everyone else that you’d like!

We have everything from Quirky Egg Tray, Butt Scrub, and other gifts that you won’t be able to find at the local store. And these creative gifts are going to make gifting worth it. Take a look at these 8 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas:

1. Homer Simpson Plush Slippers


Looking for a perfect pair of funny slippers? These cool ‘The Simpsons Homer Slippers’ are worth gifting. With the extra padding and comfortable footbed, there’s nothing else that a women could ask for!

2. Guitar Guy Poster

Nothing is sexier than a guy who can sing and play guitar! Agreed? And you no longer need to fret over what to buy your Guitarist Date for this Valentine. Gift him this poster right away!

3. Beer Chiller Rod

If you’ve someone who likes to drink beer, then you should probably consider gifting them this Beer Chiller Rod. Let your date enjoy the Happy hour at Home and you can also accompany them!

4. 13 Mera 7 Coaster

Whether you’re drinking a beverage or someone else is, a Funky Coaster is what grabs everyone’s attention. And a Coaster as quirky as this is undoubtedly a ‘Cheesy’ & a ‘Go Getter’ Coaster.

5. Egg Tray

Egg Trays are not something that anyone would like to gift on Valentine’s Day but an Egg Tray as unique as this is definitely a ‘Thumbs Up’! What say?

6. Heart Audio Splitter

Looking for something hearty with a musical touch? Go for this innovative Heart Shaped Audio Splitter. Tell us if they don’t like it!

7. Butt scrub

A Butt Scrub with ground coffee would not just be groundbreaking but would help in promoting healthy flow of blood and lymphatic fluid. This one has Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil and essential oils of Lime which help in purifying and breaking down cellulite. Need more reasons?

8. Skull Decanter

Chances are good that you and your Valentine haven’t seen such an innovative Decanter before! A Skull Decanter, we’re talking about! Let the drinks be on you this Valentine!

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