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10 Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

posted by Imtimenla Jamir February 1, 2017 0 comments

Men can be tricky to buy gifts for, especially on occasions such as Valentine’s Day. And most of the time traditional Valentine’s Day gifts don’t speak to your guy the same way they speak to you. They might like the cheesy heart-shaped Cushions and T-shirt with fancy lines but they will definitely give a second thought before they wear or use them. So, If you want to get something besides candy and stuffed animals for the man in your life, there are plenty of other, more guy-friendly options to look out for. Take the stress out of Valentine’s Day shopping with these amazing handy finds. Gifts we are certain will satisfy even the most discerning man.

Backpack: for the wild at heart

For the rugged guy with a fashionable side, here’s a home for his laptop and lunch or a place to stash his carry-on travel essentials when he’s on the go. This denim backpack with a detachable leather bag behind is everything your man would need for both his formal and casual look and he doesn’t have to sacrifice style for utility with this one.

The essentials: He gotta shave

One of the most consistent things in every man’s grooming regime is facial hair maintenance. Why not give him the tools to make the most of it. Moreover, if you hand him a spa gift card he might forget about it but if you give him a gift wrapped with all his essentials you will see a smile creep out of his face everytime he uses it. Don’t we want that!!

Raw woody perfumes

Don’t we all get attracted to those men who has that rugged masculine fragrance coming from them? Gift him a bottle on Valentine’s day and he’ll be irresistible, especially when you won’t stop smelling him.

Classic Cufflinks

For the classic sophisticated men who loves to be prepared with his looks. These cufflinks might look simple but the micro-architectural element and the form of design representing it will automatically make you men stand out in his suit and tie.


Thinking of gifting a sunglass? Close your eyes and go ahead! You can never go wrong with a pair of classic sunnies. Choose your gift from Kraftly’s wide range of stylish sunglasses.

Valentine lovable Tee

Change the rules and ask him to be your Valentine in ways he can’t refuse. Sneak this adorable T-shirt when he least expect it and he’s sure to melt.

Champagne and wine might be all romantic but beer is his buddy

Why not be unconventional and gift him something that he would truly appreciate. Like the beer mug or the beer cooler! Need I say more. It’s beer man!

Classic watches

When it come to deciding the best gift for the love of your life nothing beats an elegant timepiece. Watches are investments, make yours count. Whether you want the classic leather straps or the trendy metal chains, we have it all.

The dapper Tie and Bow

If there is one gift that men would appreciate is a nice pair of tie and bow. Give him the classy navy or black if he’s more of a sophisticated person or else you can always gift the vibrant and cool prints to the fun loving ones.

The handwritten cards

I kept the best for last. People love spending time with their significant other, but they don’t always know how to show it. Don’t let that gap be the barrier, write everything you want him to know, either inside this cute handmade card or fill up the book with 52 reasons or more why you love him. Let there be spark!

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