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10 Must Have Hair Accessories This Season

posted by kraftly April 22, 2016 0 comments
hair accessories

We all know how the right accessories can up your style quotient by many notches. Bags, shoes, jewelry… You’ve absolutely nailed dressing up your outfits with these!

But have you tried dressing up your hair? Worry not!! We are going to take you through the top trends in hair accessorizing and introduce you to some MUST HAVE baubles for your mane.

Back to School Hair Bands

You thought these are for little girls. But look as these sophisticated satin bow embellished, jewel encrusted hair bands. The preppy look is a major trend right now – Think Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl). You will definitely stand out from the crowd with these super chic hair bands.

hair accessories

Disco Diva Head Bands

Remember seeing these on Parveen Babi & Zeenat Aman in the 80s. Yup these head bands are back and HOW!!. Choose from simple gold chains to , diamond encrusted bands , to ones with dangling feathers. The choice is just endless. So bring out your 80s Disco Diva and step out in style…

hair accessories 1

Dainty Hair Pins

Look at these delicate, dainty designer hair pins. These are not your run of the mill black – keep your hair in place kind of pins. These are trinkets to be treasured for eternity. Nail the side swept hair look and do it in style with these intricate works of art disguised as hair pins.

hair accessories 2

DIY Doughnut

Struggling to get the top of your head bun right. We know your pain. The doughnut is here to ease all your bun making woes. Here are the steps:
a. Make a high pony tail
b. Slide the doughnut down to the base of your pony tail
c. Spread out your hair around the doughnut so that its well hidden
d. Tie another rubberband around the doughnut with your hair covering it
e. Tuck in all the excess hair under the second rubber band or use hairpins

hair accessories 3

You are good to go. You can now rock the super trendy summer hair bun in no more than 5 minutes.
You’re WELCOME!! 😉

Bun Hack no. 2

The last one seem too complicated for you?. Your hair too short to roll? We hear you!! We get how your short hair sometimes doesn’t go with Indian Wedding Wear. And how you cant wait to grow your hair just so you can join the chic Bun club.. Not to mention what you won’t do to get your short hair off your neck in this heat.

We have just the hair accessory to get you out of this fix. Just tie up your tiny little pony this this faux hair rubber band and no body with a microscope can tell that that you are sporting a short bob underneath.

hair accessories 4

Fun Bun Accessories

Not on board with the plain old top knot. Is it maybe too basic?? Not with these cool bun accessories. No more boring buns when you have these in your accessory box.

hair accessories 5

Head Scarves

That’s right they are sitting right there in your wardrobes. You just have to tie them in your hair. And there are so, so many ways to rock the head scarf its MINDBLOWING. Here’s a link to help you get the hang of it.

Again you’re WELCOME!!

Flowery Tiaras

This has to be a girly night out staple. Be it a bachelorette party or a baby shower, Flowery Tiaras scream girly fun loud and clear. Not just a night out, these are so apt for a beach holiday too. Put these on for an easygoing, letting your hair down and still doing it in style look 😉

hair accessories 6

Hair Combs

These are glittery dainty hair combs strung together with pretty chains of pearls or gold. They are all the rage right now. You can wear them on the front of your head so the chains skim your forehead or use it to deck up the back of your head. Even better, use them to do the side swept hair in style.

hair accessories 7


Not bold enough to color your hair pink. We have just the hair accessory for you .Step up the punk with these clip-on hair extensions. Rock these in colors like, red, purple, pink or blue, whichever color mirrors your independent spirit or of-course goes well with your outfit ;).

hair accessories 8

Find all of these awesome hair accessories and more on the Kraftly App.

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