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10 Different Looks & Tips on What to wear with Flared Jeans

posted by Imtimenla Jamir July 18, 2017 0 comments

Yes, it official! Flared jeans are back in trend but of course with a modern twist. I think you all know, that bell-bottom pants were created especially for the fleet and since 1812 they are considered to be part of official American sailors uniform. During those years the flared pants started ‘from the hip’. In the 1960’s flared pants were popular among American hippies, so lots of men and women began to wear bell-bottomed trousers, so it was a unisex trend that was both suitable for girls and boys. Those fashion eras when people would wear colourful shirts with flared trousers and large buckle belts and long haircuts. When this trend of flared jeans was popular among hippies, then these bell-bottom pants started from the knee. So, starting from the 1970’s flared jeans became popular among other people, as pants-pipes and skinnies replaced them.

Take inspiration from the classics and adding a modern touch to it, I want to share different looks and tips on how and what to wear with flared jeans. Of course, there are thousand other combos to wear your flared jeans, but I want to highlight my favourite ones which are not just easy to pull off but also combos that you can wear from Monday to Sunday. Pair with a moto jacket, a button-down shirt, even a t-shirt. The look is relaxed, as flares can support a look that’s dressy, boho or business casual—just swap your accessories. And the coolest thing about this trend is that it complements every body type, you don’t have to be of a particular body type to look good in flare jeans. This goodness is for everyone! You might also want to check out my previous post on types of palazzos and style tips on how to wear palazzos, as both the styles are similar and the styling can be done similarly. So here are 15 different looks and advice on what to wear with flared jeans.

1. Flared Jeans With Classic Tees

Combine a classic T-shirt with anything, and it will look all the more suitable. Combine two classic pieces and keep it minimally stunning. Tug a crisp white t-shirt with your flared and a leather belt. Complete this look with jewellery, statement sunglasses and a tote. Don’t forget your serious heels!

2. Flared Jeans with Tank Tops

Look casual but chic in a tank top. Choose either a regular plain coloured tank top or a fancy spaghetti top with your flared pant. For a more casual outfit try long flowy vest or scarfs and multi-layered chains. Keep this look easy and comfortable with a sling and a denim jacket for colder days. For an exclusive date night outfit, pair a dark flared jeans with the spaghetti. Accessorise your look with a lovely handbag and dangling earrings and leave your hair loose for an undone look. Finish your outfit with strappy sandals that have a chunky heel.

3. Flared Jeans with Printed Blouse

A comfortable shirt is a key. Complete this look by adding a brimmed black hat, structured black leather handbag. Choose a light weight smooth fabric and leave it tucked in, front tucked, or half tucked. Let your hair loose and put on those hot heels. You can accessorise it with scarfs and watch to give a casual chic look or keep it simple for a more business look.

4. Layering With Kimono’s and Trench Coat

Play with volume and do some layering with your flared jeans. A three-quarter trench coat or even a long cardigan can enhance the pant’s silhouette. Or team it up with a long kimono, hat and boots for a boho vibe. Pair wide-hemmed flare jeans with a fitted top, then layer on a boyfriend-fit coat. A longer, when you feel like covering up or to staying warm and fashionable at the same time. A structured leather handbag and basic black loafers are all you need with this.

5. Flared Jeans with Flats

Flats, sandals or sneakers are risky when it comes to combining with flared jeans. You should pair with caution to avoid looking like an awkward teenager. You can crop your flared jeans to wear them with flats. Pointed bellies and sneakers can work depending on the look you want to pull off. But you should try this new risky look to stand out and test the stylist in you.

6. Flared Jeans with Stripe Tops

Stripes are eternal, team it with anything, and you will see your look transform. Bring about a laid back, classic American style to your everyday outfit by tucking a soft stripe t-shirt to your flared jeans. Choose a t-shirt that has a perfect fitting; this will enhance your body structure and make you look even taller. And if you want to give an effortlessly chic look, just add a chain bag and big statement sunglasses to your outfit. You can work this to class or shopping with friends.

7. Denim-on-Denim: Flared jeans and Denim shirt

Denim on denim looks amazing when worn the right way. Try to experiment with this look by wear printed and other colour flares and pair it with denim or chambray shirt or top and accessorise the look. Pair flare jeans with a denim jacket in a similar shade of blue, worn over a soft, flannel shirt. Then, pull your outfit together by accessorising it with a beautiful, silk scarf, as pictured here. Loosely knot your favourite printed scarf, so it sits on top of your jacket collar.

8. Flare Jeans with a plain shirt

Every day, year round outfit is the flared jeans and plain shirt look. Pair a classic flared denim and a simple shirt and make it the perfect go-to-office-look on denim days, or to look pulled-together for running errands. Include this look in your ‘Friday office wardrobe.’

9. Flared jeans and chunky heels

Getting the shoe right is also a part of wearing the flare jeans right. High-heels or wedges bring fluidity to these pants and balance the bottoms. And putting on heels adds a sheen to the outfit.

10. Flared Jeans with Peplum tops and Belted Tops

Accentuate your look by adding a waist-belt. Flare jeans with belts look great as it adds some structure to flowing lowers and lends a simple, staple, streamlined appearance. Alternatively, you can tuck-in your shirt or t-shirt to rock this 70’s style.

Was the article helpful? Do you have more styling tips on what to wear with flared jeans? Do let us know; we are always delighted to read your comments. And if this article was helpful, you might also like my previous article on trendy crop top every fashion lover should own. I am pretty sure you don’t all the crop tops on the list, check out which ones you already have!

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